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Cait & Dan Go West, Part 1

Dear Family and Closest Friends
So, we packed up the last bits of our lives and got into the car and left today. It was not without some duress....As many of you already know, last weekend over Easter we found out that the movers were coming at 6 AM on Monday (and oh yeah, we still didn't have an apartment in LA) and Mom came down and we packed our butts off in a state of total panic, but it was nothing compared to the panic that ensued when we saw our bill for shipping our shabby shit across the country. Then we spent the rest of this week trying to pack and get ready to go and sleeping on the floor in our apartment because our furniture was gone. Without Dan we would not be on the road tonight. I married one stubborn guy. This afternoon around the time we were ready to start packing the car, Dan found he couldn't make the thule rack and bin work on the Prius. He labored for three hours by himself in below thirty degree temps and ungodly winds and no gloves (they already went to the church charity) until I suggested we call Frank (ST. Frank to us, since he made not only our wedding possible but also now this move) but Frank was busy, so Cory came over and they were stumped together freezing their asses off in the cold and then FINALLY Frank called to check in and suggested we call Chris and he was a miracle maker. After Chris left Dan started nervously( it was late already and we're tired by now) shoving our stuff into the rooftop bin and the car and realized he couldn't fit it all...(I was watching out the window, paralyzed as I saw him strewing our stuff all over the dirty snow and cussing). I wanted to just give up and sleep on the floor again, leave in the light which seems sensible to me. It was getting dark and was dinner time. But Dan was determined to get this trip started. He got an idea of how to lay the seats flat and put about 3 bags between my feet and jerry rigged our whole thing a la Joads and then he made me throw out all my nail polish, old perfumes and anything else that had not yet been packed....and we started off. We just need a tin can dangling from the roof. And Hopper looks just like Henry Fonda.
Ellison was silent as snow in her little box and my heart just broke for her--she was so worried i might not take her, crammed into a corner in the bedroom, eyes as big as saucers. Hopper flipped out and panted and tried to sit on our laps until Massachusetts.
It's almost 1:30 AM. We're at a Holiday Inn. We never got dinner...and we're in a town called Warwick outside of Providence. Earlier we had thought we'd stop for dinner in Providence and let Hopper run around Brown. This was before we got in the car at 8PM. Somehow we couldn't get past the plan when 495 to Worcester came up. We got here after stopping first at a creepy Days Inn across the street from a penitentiary that Dan thought looked just fine and when I asked for a room with pets the man told me we could only have a smoking room because "animals smell." So, I went back out to the car and told Dan "no way" and he thought I was being ridiculous until we got here to this Holiday Inn which is much nicer.
Our friends Jordan and Cory and Anne and Frank and Chris and Mercedes and Mike all helped us so so much even get going. Mom came and packed and got coffee and was Mary Poppins. If it weren't for you all we'd never have gotten out of there. AND Dan was seriously single mindedly focused. I was ready to put my head under the covers and forget this was happening...but Dan packed the covers. Bedtime now. I love you all. I'm hoping tomorrow has blue skies.

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