Finding Home Book Giveaway!

Dear Ones,

I am so grateful that so many of you wrote in for the book giveaway with Margaret Roach. I am blessed to be able to give her beautiful book, And I Shall Have Some Peace There, away on my blog.

Choosing two of you was nearly impossible! I wanted to send you ALL her book and I wanted to send you ALL my book. So many of you wrote about the things both Margaret and I feel are important--making your own food, being simple, being loving to your families, CATS!!!, and the natural world outside our homes. But choose I must. So here's who I've chosen:


LINN: I love the simplicty of your message, here. That you can find peace and home in a cup of tea (and both Margaret and I love tea!) is so lovely to me. But it was the turtle that got me. I think often of turtles and their homes on their backs, how fragile their insides are.

Here's what Linn wrote:

"I realized long ago, after almost constant moving and traveling, that home for me is a warm cup of tea. So easy and portable it is a bit like a turtle carrying its home on its back."

NANCY SIMMONS-WALKER: I am giving you Margaret's book because you have journeyed home, as I did, after some hard, life altering events. And I love how you are connecting to the land outside, the peace in simple things and your memories of your family. Thank you for sharing your story.

Here's what Nancy wrote:

"I found have literally found home by returning to where I grew up 4 years ago after being gone 30 years. I had followed my husband on the trail his career took us, along the way we had 3 children and a sweet life but neverly really feeling any one place was “home”, just somewhere we lived until the next promotion. Four years ago my husband died suddenly in a motorcycle accident when my children were 14, 17 and 20 so I brought them to where I had family. Now the youngest has left for college and I am left with my dogs to really rediscover my roots literally and figuratively. I just started a master gardener’s class. Growing up on a farm but having lived in NYC and Ft Lauderdale it’s wonderful to be back where nature is part of my life. I love to sit at my kitchen table and watch the birds at my many feeders. I listen to the water from my fountain. All reminders of my connection to my father, mother and husband who are now part of the earth and the heavens."

Now, as I said, I wish I could have given mine and Margaret's books away to ALL of you! I loved reading your posts on both her site AND on mine. If some of you are still interested in a giveaway, Naptime Chef on Babble will be giving my book away soon!

Please stay in touch. I love to hear from you! xxo C.


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