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For Those of You Who Have Been Here Since the Beginning...

I thought I'd share some of the advance words of praise I'm getting, because you ALL helped me get here. So we're getting this praise together. Love, Caitlin

PS: If you check out my FB author page at Caitlin Shetterly Author you can watch the new trailer for my book!

Best, Caitlin.

Advance Praise for MADE FOR YOU AND ME:
“For anyone still buried underneath the rubble of the economic collapse, Made for You and Me is more than a relatable read; it’s a straightforward and unsweetened source of inspiration.”
“A deeply personal and riveting, alternately funny and poignant read. . . . Forget the Cleavers. Shetterly’s is the new American family.”
“A redemptive story of how Caitlin Shetterly and her passionately devoted husband fought life to a draw in their coast-to-coast-to-coast odyssey. Kerouac would be proud. In fact he might be envious.”
—Peter Davis, Academy Award-winning director
“Compelling. . . . Readers would be wise to heed her commentary on the loss of our small towns, homelessness, joblessness and the increasing economic divisions between Americans.”
—Publishers Weekly
"This book will make many many people feel less lonely in the world." ---Terry Tempest Williams, author of Refuge and Finding Beauty in a Broken World
“Shetterly’s lovely, moving account of her small family’s journey to seek out and attain the sometimes elusive American dream.”
—Isabel Gillies, author of Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True Story

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