My Elle piece and other considerations...
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 06:27PM
Caitlin Shetterly

Dear Loyal Readers,

I'm so touched by the response I'm getting to my piece, "The Bad Seed," in the August issue of Elle. It took a lot for me to write that piece...for some reason I felt so extremely tender about opening up about being unwell--and then there was all the research which took forever (2.5 years forever plus almost 100 interviews!)

I am so glad that readers are feeling inspired by my piece to seek out more information themselves. Cynthia in Pasadena wrote in to say that " I don't look sick to people it's hard to explain the situation. You understand this, I'm sure...I'm reading this article and thinking OMG could there possibly be help? Possibly?"

I hope we can all find a way to help each other muddle through; there is so much out there our bodies are working with and against from things in the environment to changes in our food. I'm grateful that I can share my story and, perhaps, help some of you understand yours.

Best and please stay in touch,


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